Delta Charterers and Operators

Delta principals and management have a strong expertise in ship management and ship operations via several ventures as Owners within the Dry and the Tankers segments.

Started from the scratch and built from the ground the Principals have owned and managed general cargo, dry bulk carriers, product tankers and bitumen tanker vessels, worldwide. They gained significant knowledge and built up strong expertise and industry network in day to day operations, technical management and most important commercial management of the vessels.

The Principals and the Management target is to utilize the internal talent by building up a team of experts and develop a strong commercial management desk for both Tankers but also for the Dry segment in order to support seaborne trading operations between the Producer and the End Receiver. Our dedicated Teams shall be providing 24/7 transportation services to oil major companies and global traders, world-wide.

Delta Tankers Ship Operations shall be engaged whereas necessary to provide commercial services as an operator in order to service the needs of the trading arm of the Group utilizing a close related network of Owners with tanker vessels.
Delta’s main aim is to perform safe and cost efficient operations in order to comply with the highest industry and environmental standards and achieve operational excellence for our clients.

Ship Operations involves all tasks related to vessel’s performance, such as stowage, coordination of port calls, transshipments, STS and OPL operations, bunkering provision, tank cleaning supervision, speed and performance monitoring, weather routing, freight and demurrage collection and follow up of rules and regulations related to cargo and cargo handling at every loading and discharging port.